Message from County Chairman

While this impeachment fiasco is going on, a lot of people are depressed and troubled. Let me tell you what I am, I am excited and encouraged. Why might you ask? Well, while I have been down and confined to home for the most part, I have done a lot of reading about what’s going on across our nation.

In all the 2020 contested states, Republican State Legislatures are working to tighten up their election processes and ensure that fraud does not occur again. In some cases, the battles are raging between the legislatures and the corrupt election officials. But I am confident the legislatures will win in the end.

Republican parties and leaders in these contested states are searching for and recruiting candidates to challenge those who sided with the swamp and refused to do their lawful duty. The majority of them have to run for re-election in 2022 and their time is short in my opinion, Republicans are fed up.

Those in Congress now, who have gone against President Trump in the impeachment proceeding will also face highly qualified Republican challengers in the 2022 primaries. Already, one US Congress member and one US Senator have been censured by their own state and/or district parties and asked to resign. Republicans again are fed up with this mess, they are seeing them for who they are, and they want them out of office.

We have a whole new army of young Republicans across this country who have risen up and standing up for conservatism, for decency and truth. They are not violent nor are they extremist. What they are is passionate and focused on taking our country back, just as I am, just as we are. I am so proud and excited to see these young people standing up and getting in the political fight.

So as the impeachment fiasco continues, I am paying it no mind, I don’t even watch it. My focus is what we do next, how we stop this cycle in 2022 and take our country back. I’m optimistic in that nationally, Republicans are on the move and ready to make some needed changes.

In closing, I am as proud today of President Trump as I was the day before the election. He will always be my President and his policies will always be my policies.

We got a lot of work to do and I am ready!!! Are you?